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Beaver, yogurt and paprika

Hello everyone!

The wild meat is back with this week’s recipe: a simple way to prepare beaver meat. For a gathering with friends or for a fresh lunch idea, this symbiosis of wild meat flavor and paprika will do the trick!


Beaver, yogurt and paprika

Recipe inspired by Pachamama, Cuisine des Premières Nations from Manuel Kak’wa Kurtness

For 2 servings

300g beaver, in cubes, beforehand soaked for 12h in milk

1 red pepper, roughly diced (optional)

1 fresh tomato, roughly diced or  ½ cup canned diced tomatoes

1 onion, roughly diced

½ tsp of smoked paprika +½ tsp of paprika (or 1 tsp of paprika)

Salt & pepper

250 ml plain yogurt

½ tsp of paprika (for the yogurt)


Preheat the oven at 350F.

Combine the beaver meat, the vegetables and the spices. Place the mixture in tinfoil. Close up and place the tinfoil in a baking dish. Cook in the oven for 1 hour.

Season the yogurt with the paprika, salt and pepper.

Serve the meat with the seasoned yogurt. 


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Have a great week! 

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