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Update from Wapekeka First Nation

During the first period of CACO2 funding, members of Wapekeka First Nation offered some great opportunities for members of the community:

Ice Fishing as part of a Land Based Healing project: taught individuals how to use the gas powered auger to drill ice holes, taught them how to put bait on their hooks and how far down off the bottom to fish for Mariah/ling, and the leaders taught them how to take the hook out of the fish and put a new bait if required. Also the leaders taught them how to dress appropriately to weather conditions. The participants really enjoyed the ice fishing trip and requested another fishing trip. The participants said that they really enjoyed their time out there fishing and they thanked us for taking them out. It was good to hear the participants laughing and talking, when they were using they didn’t really talk to people or get involved in any activities.

Ice Gill Net Fishing Trips: The elders taught the kids how to take the fish out of the nets and they were eager to take them out. Names of fish were also taught to the youth in Oji-Cree and English.

Traditional crafts: Leaders taught the kids & youth how to do various crafts like necklaces, earrings, moccasins, mitts and gloves.

Moose hide preparation: Built stretch boards which they got the sticks out in the bush, cut them down with a chainsaw, drove by skidoo to the bush and used snow shoes. This activity will continue during the summer time to smoke the hides.

Trapping & Snaring: Kids were taught where to set traps, what they supplies are required for trapping such as axe, different size traps and snare wires, bait, skidoo & sled, gas/oil, how to set up the traps & snares safely, how to take the animal out of the traps/snares, to thaw out the animal for skinning and how to skin and dry the pelts on the various sizes of drying boards.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about the project in the upcoming periods!

For more information check out Wapekeka’s Blog:

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