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FSC: Sustainable Northern Food Systems Study

The levels of food insecurity in Northern Canada have reached alarming levels, the result of a complex set of geographic, financial, environmental, cultural, logistical, and political challenges. Recent reports and media attention on the shockingly high prices of food and percentage of income that needs to be devoted to buying food have begun to galvanize public opinion and political will, but there is not yet a coordinated strategy for adequate policy and program solutions.

Food Secure Canada (FSC) successfully won a bid to undertake a study that will surface key research findings on the state of food infrastructure, transportation, economies, and local production in Northern Canada and identify concrete policy and program recommendations to work towards vibrant, resilient, and sustainable food system and food security in the North. FSC has assembled a dynamic team of academic researchers, including members of the IHRG, with expertise in Northern food security and sustainable food systems.


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