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About the IHRG

The Indigenous Health Research Group is a multidisciplinary network of scholars at the University of Ottawa conducting research in the area of Indigenous people’s health. The group formed in 2006 and members collaboratively and independently have secured national and international research grants to explore community based solutions to the growing prevalence of obesity and obesity related diseases in indigenous populations in national and international contexts. The group has worked with local communities and tribal organizations studying the benefits, viability and risks associated with local cultural practices, primarily as they relate to diet and physical activity. The Indigenous Health group is working with community partners to develop land based health strategies to enable a viable and sustainable health model for indigenous populations.

Objectives of the IHRG

Our purpose is to understand how local dietary strategies may contribute to improved health and how local diets can thrive within this global environment.

We work from land based health models that involve understanding the benefits, viability, and risks of traditional dietary strategies.

Using this model, we are able to:

  • Comprehensively examine and assess the human health and cultural benefits of land based food systems;
  • Assess the environmental and socio-cultural viability of local land-based food strategies as an equitable, ethical and economically possible health model;
  • Identify and minimize risks associated with local food sources to optimize safe consumption.

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